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GIVES YOU Instant savings!
Check verification through CheckVelocity provides the most comprehensive screening available.
protects your earnings!
Check recovery is the fast convenient
way to get full value for your
returned checks.
Card Processing
Best Pricing In The Industry!
Accepting credit cards helps your business, especially with these great rates. It’s easy to get your no-cost proposal.
VerifyNow! lets you:
  • Verify both paper and electronic checks.
  • Get answers at lightning speed.
  • Save on bank fees.
  • End collection hassles.
  • Preserve your revenue.
RecoveryNow! lets you:
  • Recoup more payments.
  • Get full face value of bounced checks.
  • Avoid re-deposit fees.
  • Save time and aggravation.
  • Cut your risk of loss.

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