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Advanced ACH Verification Ensures Good Payments from Customers

ACH Verification saves your money!

CheckVelocity brings you the most comprehensive check verification system available today. You’ll gain online, real-time access to the most current account information so you can stop bad payments before depositing them. That means a huge reduction in bank fees, administrative costs and collection expense, and a better bottom line for you!

Spot bad payments before you accept them

With VerifyNow, you can limit your exposure to fraud and returns from mistaken data entry. ACH and check payments are much less expensive transactions than credit cards, but when there’s a return, your costs rise dramatically. Verifying bank payments in advance makes your payment processing more efficient and more profitable.

You’ll reduce fraud from stolen or forged checks. You’ll thwart customers who try to take advantage of “float” to delay payment. You’ll even stop repeat offenders. VerifyNow allows you to customize the verification solution based on where your greatest exposure to fraud is occurring.

Improve your customer service

Customers like the option to make payments from their bank account. Our fast online service means you won’t keep them waiting. By verifying their bank account status in real time, you can accept their payments with confidence:

  • Over the internet with ACH payments
  • From mobile devices
  • On the phone, with a representative or IVR
  • At the point of sale with paper checks

Four Levels of Verification – The strongest defense against risk

VerifyNow gives you four levels of protection, using the most current and accurate data to combat fraud and mitigate risk. No other provider offers such comprehensive verification:

  • Level One: Account and Routing Numbers – if the account or routing number on the check is found to be invalid, the payment is rejected. This screening process stops a very high percentage of payments initiated through the web or IVR where a customer/subscriber enters an inaccurate number either by mistake or intentionally to delay payment.
  • Level Two: Negative Account History – A payment is declined if the check writer has a history of writing bad checks and/or still has outstanding debt to you or thousands of other businesses nationwide.
  • Level Three: Positive Account Status – If the payment clears the first two levels, the bank account status is verified to ensure it is open, not overdrawn, and there are no stop payments.
  • Level Four: Transaction History – Check transactions from across the US are recognized as successful or returned and utilized to distinguish valid from fraudulent payments.

Our verification data is continually updated to provide the most comprehensive coverage of checking account information. Data contributed to and shared by CheckVelocity is governed by a well-defined set of Operating Rules. These rules are approved by financial institutions to ensure the highest data integrity.

Strategic Partnerships

CheckVelocity provides the most comprehensive and customizable solutions for our clients by fully integrating with your payment application. We specialize in risk mitigation for companies with a high volume of ACH transactions.

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