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Industries Served by CheckVelocity

CheckVelocity meets the specific needs of telecommunications providers, pay television providers, utilities, and other clients with a high volume of recurring consumer payments.

CheckVelocity’s services have been customized to meet the specific needs of organizations with large customer bases and high volumes of payments. Telecommunications companies, utilities, cable providers, and many other groups turn to us for fast, accurate and reliable payment processing at a very low cost.


Gas, lights, water. CheckVelocity works with major utilities providers across the country to mitigate the risk of accepting ACH payments.

Pay TV

Many of the largest television providers chose CheckVelocity to help accept and verify ACH payments.


Cellular and Mobile Telecom providers turn to CheckVelocity to ensure valid and timely payments.


CheckVelocity integrates with major internet providers to verify and recover ACH payments.

Our four tiered combination of ACH Verification and returned check recovery ensures an extremely secure and rapid flow of funds to your account. We enable companies across the country to process payments and recover lost funds more efficiently through automated technology.

Cut costs in half with CheckVelocity!

CheckVelocity’s robust payment platform is built to handle the high-volume monthly billings of content and communications providers. Your customers can choose to pay by phone, online or in person, and reliable payment processing means less service interruptions and fewer non-paid disconnections.

Best of all, you can expect to slash A/R transaction fees by up to 50% when you use our full suite of payment processing services:

VerifyNow! – Reliable ACH Verification
RecoveryNow! – ACH and check recovery

  • Put an end to returned checks with VerifyNow!

    Returned payments are a common problem for most communications and content providers–but VerifyNow! changes that. You can verify payments instantly, whether you receive them over the phone, through the web or in person at the point of sale. Our comprehensive screening process of each payment typically reduces return volumes to less than 1% of total transactions verified. Clients consistently save six figures each month from lower collection costs and improved cash flow.

  • Cut transaction cost in half

    Most providers use more than one company or provider to process different types of payments. CheckVelocity allows you the flexibility to integrate into any system and lower your cost. Verification response times are very quick and service is easily established with our API.

  • Recover more NSF items with RecoveryNow!

    Studies prove that RecoveryNow! more than doubles the average recovery rate of NSF items. If an ACH or check payment should bounce, our system automatically re-submits it through the check writer’s bank account during strategic times when funds are proven to be available. Once collected, 100% of the check’s face value is returned to you at no cost.

Getting started with CheckVelocity is easy

There are no hidden costs and no equipment to purchase or lease. CheckVelocity seamlessly integrates with just about any accounting or billing system. Our experience in the content and communications industries allows us to easily adapt our service to your internal procedures to ensure a smooth transition.

Strategic Partnerships

CheckVelocity provides the most comprehensive and customizable solutions for our clients by fully integrating with your payment application. We specialize in risk mitigation for companies with a high volume of ACH transactions.