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CheckVelocity Protects Your Privacy

You are welcome to browse our site without identifying yourself or revealing any information about you, your company, or your clients. However, should you choose to apply for CheckVelocity services and software through our site, the information provided will be used to screen and evaluate your application, provide you with updates, deliver software and documentation, and provide you service of the highest caliber.

We do not collect personal data without your consent. Initiating the application process acknowledges your consent for us to use information as described in this policy. Although we may use aggregate information about our users for statistical, marketing and other purposes, this information does not reveal the identity of the viewers, or any information about particular users or companies. If you choose to apply for CheckVelocity services and software through our Web site, you will be asked for basic information about yourself and your company. Information is then compared with credit bureau information about you for evaluation with our various financing criteria. The decision to provide personal information is entirely yours to make without any promise or unwelcome suggestion.

We collect, retain, and use information about you only where we reasonably believe that it will help to complete the application process, to provide individually tailored services, and to provide other opportunities to you. We use information to administer business transactions, to provide you with status updates, to comply with laws and regulations, to help us design or improve our services, and to understand your needs so that we can provide you with superior service. We do not collect any personal data without your consent, and we only share the personally identifiable financial information you provide us with the Automated Clearing House.

Information collection starts at the point of the application process. By initiating the application process, you agree to our collection and use of this information. After your application is processed, we will periodically send you e-mail updates about finalizing the services and software licensing, normal business correspondence and new product and service updates. We may also request your participation in a customer satisfaction survey. Our customers generally find this very helpful.

If you choose to receive updates, but change your mind at a later date, you can cancel at any time by sending e-mail with your company name, address and e-mail address to . If you access our services through one of our business partner’s Web sites, we may share contact information such as your name and e-mail address with that partner. In that case, please check the business partner’s privacy policy to see how they may use your contact information. To ensure the accuracy, timeliness, and thoroughness of information, we use only reputable sources of data to cross-reference against application information. Information submitted during the application process is not subject to modification.

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CheckVelocity provides the most comprehensive and customizable solutions for our clients by fully integrating with your payment application. We specialize in risk mitigation for companies with a high volume of ACH transactions.

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