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ACH/eCheck Verification

CheckVelocity brings you the most comprehensive bank account verification system available today. You’ll gain online, real-time access to the most current account information so you can stop bad payments before depositing them. That means a huge reduction in bank fees, administrative costs and collection expense, and a better bottom line for you!

+ Our ACH Verification saves you money
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ACH/eCheck Recovery

This automated and electronic recovery service redeposits returned payments through the check writer’s bank account during strategic times when funds are proven to be available. This ensures a higher recovery rate than any manual process. On average, we recover 75% of returned checks. And typically less than 1% of bank payments will bounce when you use our verification service on the front end.

+ Recover more returned checks
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Credit Card Processing

Secure the best prices in the industry. It’s easy to get your no-cost credit card payment processing proposal now. Just call 1-800-430-2370. A representative will contact you within 24 hours.

+ Start accepting credit cards today

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CheckVelocity provides the most comprehensive and customizable solutions for our clients by fully integrating with your payment application. We specialize in risk mitigation for companies with a high volume of ACH transactions.

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